DEAD IN THE DIRT Unleash The Violently Discordant Track ‘No Chain’ From Their Incoming Debut ‘The Blind Hole’

Dead In The Dirt

DEAD IN THE DIRT’S raging debut The Blind Hole shall be released next week in the UK/EU via Southern Lord.

And now, the band have discharged one of the album’s most abrasive and pummeling tracks, packed with violent discordance.

Listen to “No Chain” via Metal Hammer for further proof that the band can and will crush everything in their path with their devastatingly heavy crust attack, check it out at THIS LOCATION.

Containing some of the most morose and tonally oppressive music conceivable, The Blind Hole surges with twenty-two tracks in less than twenty-four minutes. Their downtuned, caustic riffs packed into the melee creating the most destructive blasting DEAD IN THE DIRT material yet. Though surging with crushing distortion, the album boasts incredibly clear production values, recorded at Bricktop Recording Studio with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) in Chicago this April, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, All Pigs Must Die, Baptists, Sleep). The cover was illustrated by Bo Orr as with the band’s Fear EP.

Dead In The Dirt 'The Blind Hole' Artwork

The Blind Hole Track Listing:
1. Suffer
2. The Blaring Eye
3. Swelling
4. Strength Through Restraint
5. Idiot Bliss
6. You Bury Me
7. Skullbinding
8. Mask
9. Cop
10. No Chain
11. Will Is The War
12. Baggar
13. One More Day
14. The Pit Of Me
15. Caged
16. Starve
17. Vein
18. Pitch Black Tomb
19. The Last Nail
20. Two Flames
21. Knife In The Feathers
22. Halo Crown

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