STONE AXE: Latest News And Gig Dates

Stone Axe

Latest News from Stone Axe HQ…

I just posted some shows we have coming up before we head to Europe. there will be more to come.

We’ve been bashing our brains out working on these songs for the FREE tribute set we are doing in London. Free were a badass band and are the platform and blueprint for the Stone Axe sound. this has been a challenge for us and there is a lot of work to be done. we will probably do a FREE gig here in the states as a warm up for the UK set.

In Stone Axe II re-issue news: I am done with the sequencing and mastering of disc 2. it is about 64 minutes and includes everything that has been only on vinyl up to this point, including the three songs that are being released on the split 12″ with Wight coming out soon. There are 15 tracks total and once again there will be liner notes by JJ Koczan from The Obelisk.