Infamous Anarchist 1in12 Club Needs Your Help!

1-In-12 Club Bardford - Liberty, Equality, Solidarity

Bradford’s long running anarchist 1 in 12 Club is set for closure unless it can get the building up to fire standard regulations. They have just six weeks left in refurbishing the entire place and are calling upon the UK anarchist movement to roll up their sleeves and chip in. If you have time, money, skills and a bit of solidarity then Bradford is the place for you in the next few weeks. Freedom says good luck to our comrades in Yorkshire and we’ll do what we can to help. Please spread the word around your networks.

1 in 12 Club
21-23 Albion St
West Yorkshire BD1 2LY

From the 1 in 12:

URGENT: 1in12 just 6 weeks from closure – building & cash needed

That’s right! The deadline for all of the urgent work that needs doing to save the club from legal action by the fire brigade and the almost certain likelihood of closure is only 6 weeks away.

The last few weeks has seen a flurry of activity from a small handful of members in which we have cleared out huge quantities of abandoned tat, sealed the lift shafts, started to get the door frames up to fire regulation standards and done much of the boring paperwork that shows we are trying to get things right. Massive thanks are due to those members who have been working day and night to get this done.

Unfortunately, there is still much to do, and this may be too much for the few who have been mucking in to get done on their own. We desperately need help from as many members as we can so we can save the club from closure.

Wondering what you can do to help? There are several ways…

For those with time to spare:

  • Join the 1in12 maintenance list by going to
  • Be proactive – introduce yourself and what skills you can offer
  • arrange a time on the list for the club to be open and come on down. Ideally, get together with a group of others by arranging this on the list. Remember, this is a DIY club – there aren’t managers to tell you what needs doing and when, we need to work this out amongst ourselves.

There are a variety of jobs that need doing from skilled to unskilled. We particularly need some people with joinery or electricians skills, and those willing to play havoc with a mop and bucket to get the fire escape gleaming!

For those without time to spare but still want to help:
The costs that are being incurred at the moment with all of the materials that we need to buy is leaving us in a very precarious position financially. If anyone has anything they can donate to the cause, no matter how small, this would be vastly appreciated. We have just spent 3 grand bringing the fire alarm up to standard and the costs of replacing some of the fire doors and their frames is likely to be high.

  • Cheques can be made out to the 1in12 club and donations sent to The 1in12 Club, 21-23 Albion Street, Bradford, BD1 2LY

For everyone:
It would be a massive benefit to get everyone to make the time to come down and have a drink or two here at some point in the next few weeks. We are after all a social club and having everyone using the space together, socialising and using the space en masse does more for the unity of the club than any threat to the building or the membership can ever make happen. We started life without a building, and if we have to go back to that situation through closure by the fire brigade, then we will still be a group of like minded individuals, coming together through shared politics, a love for music and just a little bit of random chaos.

Liberty, Equality, Solidarity