Sonoptik Set To Release ‘Forsaken Dirge’ By Drone Minimalists SPHERES

SPHERES comes from the deep south, THE DEEP SOUTH OF THE WORLD. He comes from a place called Van Diemens Land (aka Tasmania, Australia), where rugged pristine countryside adorns every square inch of the land. This wondrous beast of a place informs many aspects of SPHERES latest release Forsaken Dirge.

Forsaken Dirge is firmly planted in the realms of dark ambient ritual. Since 2007, SPHERES has been transforming listeners by combining heavy music with spirituality through a play in volume, repetition and density.

Born in the temperate environment of Tasmania’s far northeast forest region (see ‘remote’ -41° 23′ 13.14″, +147° 13′ 35.39), elements of that specific landscape are inextricably linked to and manipulated in Forsaken Dirge. The music of SPHERES is an invocation and affirmation of nature’s glory and violence, and the human experience that exists within it.

As a whole Forsaken Dirge is a hybrid mass of howling winds, thunder, crashing waves and glacial ice. As the album progresses there emerges a greater way, a holy structure, defined by sounds, movements, and decisions that each have distinct purpose. Forsaken Dirge is adorned by frost, shimmering in the early morning daylight melting throughout time to reveal layer after layer. Sonoptik is extremely happy to release their most remote artist to date.

Spheres 'Forsaken Dirge' Artwork

Forsaken Dirge will be released on the 28th March 2012 on CD and Cassette via Sonoptik, pre-sales available here and the full tracking listings are as follows:

1. Impious Interment
2. Forsaken Soul
3. Steps Into Darkness
4. Maelstrom Descent
5. Salvation For The Wretched

You can also stream the 3rd track ‘Steps Into Darkness’ below.