Roadburn Want Your Top 10 Albums Of 2012!

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Roadburn’s Album of the Day has become a tradition and one that reviews from this very site have featured on and now that the year is drawing to a close, Roadburn HQ want to invite their loyal readers, friends, associates and anyone who might have wandered in to help them compile a list of favorite records released in 2012.

The year was filled with tons of great doom, drone, psychedelic, heavy ’70s, space rock, post rock and avant-metal releases, and it will be interesting to see how it narrows down to 10 favorites.

Add your top 10 Roadburn-worthy albums to the comments section at the link below, please be sure to post your picks by Wednesday January 2nd and they will unveil the final list for 2012 in the second week of the New Year.

Cast your votes over at