Roadburn 2016: Tickets Now On Sale; More Bands Announced Including TAU CROSS, PENTAGRAM, GALLEY BEGGAR & More

Roadburn Festival 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already be aware the much anticipated Roadburn Festival 2016 ticket sales started last night, three variations are now available including 3 Day (Thursday – Saturday) for €165, 4-Day (Thursday – Sunday) for €185 and Day Tickets for the Sunday’s Afterburner for €39. For more information on Roadburn tickets and the official Roadburn Campsite, click HERE.

To coincide with the ticket sales going live, there was also a plethora of bands announced including the Roadburn Artist In Residence and the first additions to Lee Dorrian’s Rituals For The Blind Dead curated event, read on…

Tau Cross

TAU CROSS, the veteran punk / metal collective, revolving around Amebix bassist/frontman Rob Miller, Voivod drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, and members of cult crust outfit Misery, will be playing a one off show at Roadburn 2016, along with Neurosis and Amenra, on Saturday, April 16th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

TAU CROSS are delighted to announce that we have been invited to play at the 2016 Roadburn Festival. This will be our only upcoming European show, we are all looking forward to playing at this very special event” – Rob Miller.

Having TAU CROSS on the main-stage is causing us joy of unbridled proportions. Miller and Langevin are not only mutual admirers and peers, but their bands have been a huge influence on all things Roadburn. With all of the seminal bands and great musicians taking part on Saturday, it’s guaranteed to be epic.

To find out more about TAU CROSS at Roadburn, click HERE.

Roadburn 2016 - Tau Cross

Lee Dorrian’s First Curated Bands

When Lee was asked to curate part of Roadburn 2016, there was an expectation of great things. And his first selections for the Rituals For The Blind Dead event do not disappoint.

On his choice to add the legendary PENTAGRAM – who will perform a special “best of” set – to the line-up, he comments: “They have been one of my all time favourite bands since first hearing them back in the mid 80’s. I became an obsessive fan covering my old apartment with flyers and intensely collecting as many live tapes, videos, photo’s and whatever else I could get my hands on back then. I’m am completely honoured that they agreed to accept my invitation to appear at my curated event, Rituals For the Blind Dead! This greatest hits performance will be a big party in celebration of the bands long and treasured career. With Victor back flying out those riffs like flaming balls of fire it’s going to be so relentless, I simply cannot wait.”

Roadburn 2016 - Pentagram

Lee Dorrian‘s second addition to Rituals For The Blind Dead is London’s GALLEY BEGGAR. The six-piece acid folk troupe released their third album earlier this year – a record that is sure to feature in Roadburn‘s album of the year lists. He comments: “They are one of very few bands around today that understand the timeless beauty of acid-tinged folk-rock. In the true spirit of classic era Fairport, Trees, Spriguns, Mellow Candle and other contemporary kindred spirits their gentle, yet melancholic will act as the perfect refrain from all the dark, beastly heaviness surrounding the event.

To find out more about PENTAGRAM click HERE, and GALLEY BEGGAR click HERE.

Roadburn 2016 - Galley Beggar

Artists In Residence: Misþyrming

Historically speaking, Roadburn’s Artist In Residence is usually an older, established act or musician, one who’s spent decades honing their skills and cultivating a worldwide reputation, but this year will be different. In 2016, Roadburn will welcome a new, young band that has exploded onto the international stage with the force of a neutron bomb, thanks to a crystal-clear, forward-thinking vision and the impeccable quality of their work.

During their residency, Misþyrming will play three shows at Roadburn.The first, Algleymi, (Thursday 14 April) will see the band debuting highly-anticipated new material. The second and most transcendent appearance is Úlfsmessa (Friday 15 April) Joined by the Icelandic black metal and black metal-influenced ritual drone bands Naðra, NYIÞ and Grafir, Misþyrming will present an intense, immersive collaborative performance, ten members strong, that will both reaffirm and redefine any devotee’s commitment to black metal supremacy. The final chapter of their residency will be Söngvar elds go óreiðu (Saturday 16 April) which will comprise a performance of their earth-shaking first album in its entirety.

To find out more about MISÞYRMING (with thanks to Kim Kelly and Noisey) at Roadburn, click HERE.

Roadburn 2016 - Misþyrming

The Finnish Takeover

With a clutch of such definitive and inventive bands all hailing from Finland, it’s no surprise that we’re giving over a corner of Roadburn to the amazing artists hailing from this beautiful country.

Walter & co recently announced HEXVESSEL to the Roadburn 2016 bill, but they’re now excited to announce a second show. They will be joined on Friday 15 April on stage at Roadburn by the archaic elementals of ARKTAU EOS for a one-off performance of a rite featuring music and themes from HEXVESSEL’s debut album Dawnbearer, and ARKTAU EOS‘ debut Mirrorion (which celebrates its tenth anniversary). ARKTAU EOS will also perform their own set on Thursday 14 April.

To find out more about HEXVESSEL & ARKTAU EOS, click HERE.

The other Finnish bands taking over Roadburn 2016 are dark, droning psych-lords DARK BUDDHA RISING on Friday 15 April, experimental black metal innovators ORANSSI PAZUZU on Thursday 14 April, psych drone purveyors ATOMIKYLÄ featuring members of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu will perform at Roadburn on Saturday 16 April. Again featuring members of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu, ABYSSION are a coarse mix of punk, black metal and even post punk, they play on Thursday 14 April and finally specialising in dramatically drawn out cosmic doom – MPH play on Sunday 17 April.

To find out more about the Finnish Takeover click HERE.

In addition to the above, Roadburn 2016 have also confirmed:

Cinematic Italian doomers, ABYSMAL GRIEF – click HERE for more information.
Fellow Italian’s EPITAPH – click HERE for more information.
Folk-tinged droners CRUMBLING GHOST – click HERE for more information.
Cosmic neo-krautrockers ZONE SIX – click HERE for more information.
Psychedelic Swedes HILLS – click HERE for more information.
Progressive black metallers TERZIJ DE HORDE – click HERE for more information.
Seven piece Texan metal horde – DEAD TO A DYING WORLD – click HERE for more information.

Roadburn Festival takes place between 14 – 17 April 2016 at the 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands, tickets are on sale now!