GORSE: New Album ‘Twisting Nature’ Now Available To Stream & Download


GORSE’s new album ‘Twisting Nature‘ sees the Brighton three-piece moving away from their doomy noise-rock of previous album, 2012’s ‘Old Certainties‘ towards a still-heavy, but more expansive sound.

The experience is still an immersive and psychedelic one however – the six tracks, some lengthy jams, some more focused, tightly structured songs, offering a distinctive experience to the open-eared listener. The songs were recorded in the band’s own basement studio in Brighton, with an unashamedly DIY approach, and the rawness adds to the intimacy and humanity which the band prides itself on, in addition to its love for expressive and progressive repetition.

The band is a somewhat secretive entity, that sits in its own niche between the worlds of doom metal, psychedelic rock and noise, and is happy that way. Its characteristically English melancholy might be an acquired taste, but has won fans across the doom/stoner community with favourable reviews of both ‘Old Certainties‘ and debut EP ‘Slumber of Artemis‘.

Gorse 'Twisting Nature' Artwork

You can stream ‘Twisting Nature‘ below and purchase the download for the measly sum of £3.33 from their Bandcamp page HERE.