The Ricochet Vs The Sleeping Shaman With Mark Hunt-Bryden

If any of our dear readers follow our very own Mark Hunt-Bryden on social evil, you might have clocked he was invited by his good friend James Evans to appear on his radio show The Ricochet. On the two-hour program, he covers an array of alternative music and genres that usually goes out every other Saturday between 18:00-20:00 on Exeter’s community radio station Phonic FM.

Mark Hunt-Bryden & James Evans
Mark Hunt-Bryden & James Evans at The Ricochet HQ

For Episode 191 of The Ricochet, they chatted candidly about Mark’s music background, how he become involved in The Sleeping Shaman, what our hallowed webzine is about, and for the show, he put together the entire playlist of artists and tracks that are close to his heart.

About the show, James says, ‘I wanted to do this show for ages. I kept seeing the links to the reviews Mark shared on Facebook and considering how much of a music nerd I am, I loved that every other one was for a band that I wasn’t familiar with. I really enjoy Mark‘s writing style, which not only showcases his knowledge of his chosen topic but more so his passion for the bands and artists that he was writing about.’

Originally aired on the 13th August, but for those that were unable to tune in, James has uploaded it to The Ricochet Mixcloud account where you can now stream it for all eternity. So sit back, click play below, and for the next two hours, enjoy the whimsical chat and of course choice cuts from Mark‘s eclectic playlist…

Show Running Order:
0:00:18 – Start/Intro
0:01:26 – Earthtone9 – Preacher
0:06:25 – Getting Started 1
0:10:40 – Disgraceland – Dose Em Up
0:14:00 – Disgraceland/Getting Started 2/Yawning Sons
0:20:00 – Yawning Sons – Cigarette Footsteps
0:28:00 – Sergeant Thunderhoof chat
0:31.55 – Sergeant Thunderhoof – Absolute Blue
0:39:15 – Author & Punisher chat
0:43:25 – Author & Punisher – Glorybox
0:49.52 – Author & Punisher/The Hellacopters chat
0:49:52 – The Hellacopters – Eyes of Oblivion
0:55:56 – Cave In/Townes Van Zandt talk
1:00:45 – Cave In – Nothing
1:04:45 – Songs of Townes Van Zandt/Lost Dog Street Band chat
1:08:10 – Lost Dog Street Band – Weight Of A Trigger
1:12:30 – Spider Kitten chat
1:15:15 – Spider Kitten – Maladjusted
1:17:48 – Sleestak chat
1:20:57 – Sleestak – Keepers Of The Illusion
1:27:05 – King Buffalo/In Search Of Tone chat
1:29:30 – King Buffalo – Burning
1:36:00 – The Hyena Kill/APF Records chat
1:38:45 – The Hyena Kill – Cauterised
1:44:15 – Dälek chat
1:45:40 – Dälek – The Harbingers
1:50:18 – Sons Of Alpha Centuari – Dark Night
1:54:40 – Sign Off
1:56:00 – Tom Waits – In The Heart Of Saturday Night

More Info On James Evans & The Ricochet

I picked up my love of music from my dad. He used to collect number one singles when I was a kid and I loved going to car boot sales and the like with him. This started in the late ‘80s when vinyl was being thrown away. We picked up some incredible stuff for almost nothing. I once got the first four original Elvis singles on Sun Records for 50p each.

As I got older, my tastes moved towards harder rock. Guns N’ Roses were the first band that I loved above all else, then Pearl Jam and all things Seattle replaced them a couple of years later. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 and in bands since I was 14. I also spent 5 years working for a major high street music retailer which whilst sometimes regrettable, certainly boosted my music nerd credentials.

James Evans / The Ricochet
James Evans / The Ricochet

I got the opportunity to start on Phonic FM in late 2017. My buddy John had a show called The Way Of Things and he went off to New Zealand for three months, so I got to cover for him. While he was away, he let me know that he probably wasn’t coming back, so the show was mine for keeps. I changed the name to The Screendoor, until there was another change of plan and John came back.

The show was once again renamed as The Ricochet, and we did it together until September 2018, rowing week in, week out about anything and everything, sometimes even what we were playing. Then John got a new job and had to look for a new timeslot, so I stuck with the one we had and went solo from that point onwards.

James Evans / The Ricochet
James Evans / The Ricochet

The Ricochet has since covered everything from folk to jazz, blues to classical, rock to indie, metal to soundtracks, electronica to doom, and everything in between, quite a lot of which has been Belgian. I also once had a 15-member cappella group live in the studio and it was louder than you can even imagine. Last week’s show was episode 192 and so it’ll soon be time for the 200th episode extravaganza, which will doubtless mean more Belgian indie-rock and some Bob Dylan.

The Ricochet: Facebook | Mixcloud