NOOTHGRUSH: New Live Video Footage Via Kill That Cat

Noothgrush - Live in Oakland

“Well, here it is folks.  The complete NOOTHGRUSH set from Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, California.  This was a warm up show for the upcoming NOOTHGRUSH European tour and appearance at the 10th Maryland Death Fest.  This was also the first show with new vocalist Dino, formerly of the band Dystopia and Asunder.  He’s truly an epic addition to the band, as Dystopia and Noothgrush are two bands from the 90′s that I (and many others) really, really like.  I can’t imagine anyone better suited to taking over on vocals.

This show was set up with just a few days notice, Noothgrush was the only band that played, and the show was $5.  So perfect.  The show was also 21+, which might have bummed some folks out, especially those under 21, but personally I was stoked on those who showed up.  It was just the right size show to smoke and catch up with all the friends, but not such a big show that it loses it’s intimacy.  Plus, Eli’s makes great tater tots, the perfect thing for a guy with a wicked case of the munchies.  It’s pretty much mandatory that you get stoned before, during, and after viewing this by the way, so quit all this readin’ and get high, dammit!  And play this LOUD!!!”


Source: Kill That Cat