MOS GENERATOR Celebrate Release Of Nomads LP With Limited Edition Package

Mos Generator

After being built up for months now, Mos Generator’s Nomads is flying off the shelves after it’s official release earlier this week and is becoming the type of album that defines moments in time; where listeners remember exactly where they were the moment the album spun for the first time; a fingerprint in time. The band also recently played a monumental show in Seattle opening for the godfather’s of doom, St. Vitus, drawing accolades from folks such as John Perez, guitarist for the legendary and massively influential band Solitude Aeturnus who stated, “Mos Generator is the real deal when it comes to genuine heavy and hard rock in the States. They should be and deserve to be HUGE!”

To celebrate the world-wide release of the album, Mos Generator and Ripple Music have put together a special limited LP package that includes a signed 11 x 17 poster, exclusively available at the Ripple Music Store.

Nomads is available through Nail Distribution in North America, Code 7 in the UK, and Clearspot International throughout Europe.

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