Lord Mantis To Dive Into A Blackened Pool Of Acidic Sonic Bile At Roadburn Festival 2015

Roadburn 2015 - Lord Mantis

Channeling unpleasant emotions and harrowing personal circumstances into bilious black / sludge metal, Lord Mantis will crawl to Tilburg from the back alleys and gutters of Chicago to make a welcome return to the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival on Saturday, April 12 at Het Patronaat in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Musically, Lord Mantis comes from several places at once: On the surface, the entire package of filth, sadism, oppression and loathing seems to be blackened sludge, but delving deeper one can hear a perverted sense of melody coexisting next to demandingly complex black metal sections, slow and claustrophobic industrial dirges, and a harsh concrete-like guitar tone that literally pulverizes any hope of positivity in its abrasive onslaught. Death Mask, Lord Mantis‘ third full-length, and the critical acclaimed successor to Pervertor, ranks amongst the very best Roadburn-related albums of 2014, and sees the band reach a creative high.

Lord Mantis‘ raging torment, and pulverizing nastiness will make sure that all those at Roadburn 2015 who witness the band will be either glorying in its repellent dross and filth or descending into the bleakest, deepest septic sounds of hell — or for the really lucky, both. Let the torrential onslaught of perverse grandeur begin!

Roadburn Festival 2015 will run for four days from Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 12 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.