BURDEN OF THE NOOSE: New CD Single ‘Kill The Bastards’ Out Now Via When Planets Collide

Burden Of The Noose

The first ever release from When Planets Collide: Presents is now live and on the “shelves”, the band in question is BURDEN OF THE NOOSE and the CD Single is entitled ‘Kill The Bastards’ so make sure you grab your copy as it’s strictly limited to 100 individually hand-numbered CD’s, the first 50 come with an exclusive canvas patch and are available from the labels webstore HERE. For those wanting the release instantly, a Digital Download is also available from the When Planets Collide: Presents bandcamp page as Name Your Price which you can grab HERE.

Burden Of The Noose 'Kill The Bastards' Artwork

Hailing from Birmingham, the birth home of Heavy music and featuring ex members of bands like Mistress and I am Colossus. BURDEN OF THE NOOSE feature gut wrenchingly heavy guitars and bass with a dual vocal attack very much in the same vein as bands like Bumsnogger and Raging Speedhorn. They mix all genres of extreme music from slow and riff filled Sludge to fast and filthy Grindcore and Black metal stylings and its this blend of styles that make these guys truly special. They have it all with out over complicating the sound!