ABYSMAL DARKENING To Release ‘Sub Terra’ Via Totalrust On The 1st Jan; ‘From The Grail’ Now Streaming

Abysmal Darkening

Sub Terra is the second album of ABYSMAL DARKENING, a Dutch gang who features members / ex members of bands like Verbum Verus, Bunkur, Planet Aids and Ibex Angel Order. Sub Terra comes after 3 years of silence and shows Darkened DOOM at its best, blending Sabathian doom with the cold emotions of black metal.

The new material on Sub Terra is sicker with the black metal being way more dominant, production is better and with another insane vocal performance from vocalist Kev along with some great guest vocals from Jonathan Thery (Ataraxie & Funeralium), Mike B (Viscera///) and lyrics raging from old pagan magic and eldritch horrors to misanthropy and melancholy, expect almost 50 minutes of the real deal.

Abysmal Darkening 'Sub Terra' Artwork

Sub Terra tracklist:
1. Awakening The Deathless Sleeper
2. Wolves Of Human Blood
3. In Lightless Seas
4. A King Forever
5. From The Grail
6. The Crone
7. De Doodgraver

Sub Terra will be released via Totalrust Music on CD on 1st January 2015, is available for pre-order now from the labels Discogs page and you can check out the first cut from the album with the monolithic track From The Grail below: