Video Premiere: Bushpilot ’23’

A few months ago Reza reviewed Already! from little known purveyors of noise-rock & post-punk Bushpilot. Although the band, who were based in Leeds, disbanded in the mid-90s, God Unknown Records had the foresight to dust off the recording and give it a new lease of life.


But that wasn’t enough as God Unknown head honcho Jason Stöll has dug into the Bushpilot archives once again and will be releasing their sophomore album 23 on the 21st August, orginally pencilled in to be released by Cherry Red Records back in 1994 but sadly never saw the light of day.

And today, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring a video premiere of the, just shy of twenty minute, title track 23 that see’s the band delve into a more expanded krautrock sound. Now click play below and pre-orders are available now over on God Unknown Records bandcamp page.

More On Bushpilot & ‘23’

God Unknown Records are pleased to continue a campaign of releasing the lost albums of 90’s post-rockers Bushpilot in 2020 releasing their first album Already! in March 2020 and quickly follows up in August 2020 with 23.

The Quietus comments: ‘these raw and distinctly krautrock and Fall-inspired sounds of Bushpilot feel like a hidden history of what could have been for the era and the direct influence of Malcolm Mooney-era Can is instantly recognisable.’

Bushpilot '23'

23 is Bushpilot‘s magnum opus beautifully crafted and totally way ahead of its time. Influenced by Can, Slint and Talk Talk, Bushpilot signed to Cherry Red Records in the mid nineties and recorded two albums before disbanding and heading off in different directions. 23 was recorded back in 1994 for Cherry Red Records but left in the archives without seeing the light of day until NOW.

Bushpilot arrived at the avant-garde of the Leeds’ punk and indie scene in 1993 with Ross Holloway (vocals), Karl Berlin (Bass) and Daren Pickles (Guitar), formerly of epic noise architects Purple Eternal, playing alongside the more melodic Adrian Gans (Guitar) and bolstered by the power of Phil Leigh on drums (previously of Spectral Alice, now founder and owner of Norman Records). Spectrum and Spaceman 3 collaborator Richard Formby later joined on bass.

23 will be released via God Unknown Records on 21st August.

Label: God Unknown Records
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