Video Premiere: Messiahvore ‘Blood & Guts’

If a potent mix of filthy sludge and heavy doom wrapped up in noise-rock sonics is currently high up on your playlist, then look no further than Denver’s Messiahvore. Although only solidified as a complete unit in 2018, the four piece draws upon years of experience and the result is a serious bludgeoning of the senses.


And today, hot off the heels of their recently released single, the three minute aural assault Blood And Guts that’s out now via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records and taken from their debut album to be released in 2021, it’s time to unshackle the, albeit slightly disturbing, video, showing the band locked away in a dark and dank basement, but is it murder? Press play below and you might find out…

More On Messiahvore & ‘Blood And Guts’

Hailing from Denver, Colorado Messiahvore have released their new single Blood And Guts via Coffin & Bolt / Golden Robot Records.

Blood And Guts is a powerhouse track, highlighting the bands driving stoner / doom metal hybrid output. It echoes of contemporaries like High On Fire, Down, Conan and Baroness.

Blood And Guts is the first single off of Messiahvore’s debut upcoming self-titled release. It’s heavy, driving, short and to the point. Perhaps you think this song is about gore? You’d be dead wrong. Blood And Guts is about putting yourself out in the world and giving it your all. Face the judgment and ridicule good or bad. Give my blood and guts! Take my all!

Messiahvore 'Blood & Guts'

Messiahvore were only formed in mid-2018. However, collectively members have been working the Denver scene for years. Bart McCrorey started out in the punk rock outfit St James Gate then joined the local skate rock favourite Frontside Five. Bart played lead guitar and co-fronted the band for a 10-year stent. Jenn began playing bass when asked to join The Blackouts in 2008. The all-female hard rock band that still plays in Denver today. Jenn and Bart asked long-time friend Bailey Cecil to play drums for them. Bailey had a strong background in the stoner and doom scene in the area hailing from fronting Bronze on guitar and drumming in Core of the Earth. Kevin Disney was the first and only guitarist the band tried out. They knew him from a band called The Worth. Kevin supplies an excellent amount of weird mixed with sonic knowhow.

The intent of Messiahvore was to play heavy groove intensive rock that draws from their favorite stoner, doom, and whatever else that is sonically pleasing to them.

It was a fast start for the band, opening for Fu Manchu, Sasquatch, Nebula, Daikaiju and were slated to play with Lord Dying then the COVID hit the states. You know the rest of that story. This led to them buckling down and writing a seven song EP. The band signed to Coffin & Bolt Records which is incorporated with the international mainstay Golden Robot Records.


New drummer Brokk Dagaz and Bart met while recording a band at Bart’s studio The Crash Pad. After working with Brokk, Bart took note and tapped him for a collaboration project called The Bloodaxe released in 2018 that featured Bart on most all the strings and Brokk on drums. The collaboration part was 14 of Colorado’s aggressive vocalist writing and performing on the release. After this venture it was clear that Brokk would be hit up in the future and fortunately he was available and willing to step in.

Brokk comes from a Philadelphia death metal band Nefarious. The dude has chops for days and easily adapted to Messiahvore‘s driving style. He has great feel and grooves the shit out of the riffs. A fan of classic metal and an open mind to music, he was the perfect fit to solidify the line-up.

Messiahvore are:
Bart – Guitar & vocals
Jenn – Bass
Kevin – Guitar
Brokk – Drums

Label: Coffin & Bolt Records | Golden Robot Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram