Premiere: ST 37 ‘Over And Over Again’ – New Album Drops November 12th

One of the good things about running these hallowed pages are the surprises it often throws up, like with ST 37. To my ignorance, ST 37 is a completely new name here at Shaman HQ, even though this Austin, Texas collective have been dishing up tripped out space and psych rock jams since 1987! Why they were never on my radar, I really have no idea and I hang my head in acid drenched shame.

ST 37
ST 37

To make up for this colossal oversight on my part, it was an obvious ‘hell yeah’ when approached to premiere the track Over And Over Again from their new album Over And Over And Over Again that’s set to be released via Pariah Child Records on November 12th. Featuring six tracks in total, from the just under five minutes of the track we’re bringing you today, through to the fifteen-minute tripped out offerings of RGB and Observing Dust.

Now click play below for an immersive insight into the bands captivating sonic attack with Over And Over Again

More On ST 37 & ‘Over And Over And Over Again’

All the while working extemporaneously on the material that will (fairly) soon become our forthcoming studio LP Ballardesque, during the pandemic ST 37 was presented with the always challenging imposition of artistic limitations on collaboration; i.e., we didn’t get to play together much at all. When we were able to arrange the few socially distanced outdoor rehearsals/small shows/idea sessions we could, we found that a sort of fevered creativity had taken hold of us, and we were able to play together even more cohesively and integratively as our long history would indicate we should.

ST 37 - Touring Party
ST 37 – Touring Party

This resulted in several improvisational pieces of such high quality that we felt compelled to unleash them on an uncaring world. Coupled with the brilliant studio performance of Joel Crutcher’s masterful manifesto Over And Over Again, originally intended to be a hit 12” 45 rpm disco single, we found we had an LP on our hands. Through the largesse and faith of Pariah Child Records out of Belfast, a lobe of the magnificent Yoshiwara Collective, responsible for our 2015 magnum opus I’m Not Good, we found an outlet for this music that we feel is important enough to warrant your further consideration.

Can’t remember the exact words, but a recent English critic of ST 37’s work accused us of doing the same basic thing we’ve been doing since he first reviewed us in 1993. Well, we’d beg to differ. We’ve been at it since 1987. Blessing or curse? You decide.

ST 37 'Over And Over And Over Again'
ST 37 ‘Over And Over And Over Again’ Artwork

At any rate, Over And Over And Over Again, the new CD from ST 37, was mastered and mixed by Evan Kleinecke and ST 37 at 5th Street Studios in Austin TX. Errythang else was foisted upon an unsuspecting public by Joel Crutcher and ST 37 at Pinche Rancho Studios in Cedar Creek, TX, with the sole exception of the title track, which is wholly a creature of Evan and 5th Street.

Over And Over And Over Again Tracklisting:
01. Over And Over Again
02. RBG
03. The Monster Is Real
04. Observing Dust
05. Stage 6
06. Flea Udder

ST 37 and their new album Over And Over And Over Again of improv space and psych rock releases November 12th via Pariah Child Records and pre-orders are available over on Bandcamp.

Label: Pariah Child Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram