Video Premiere: Sandrider ‘Enveletration’ – New Album Of Abrasive Noise-Rock Is Out Now

Earlier this month, Seattle’s noise-rock merchants, and Dune fanatics, Sandrider dropped their new album in the form of the mind-melting Enveletration through Satanik Royalty Records on swanky gatefold vinyl. And as a label devoted to the band, they recently reissued their first two albums, Sandrider and Godhead, and like Enveletration, also gave them the gatefold vinyl treatment.

Sandrider - Photo by John Donovan Malley
Sandrider – Photo by John Donovan Malley

Back to Enveletration, in anticipation of its release, Shaman scribe, and former Seattle resident, Martin Williams, asked if he could cover the ten tracker before the promo was even available to the press, and it has to be said, the album didn’t disappoint as in his review he declared, ‘To say Enveletration is a dizzying display of heavy, noisy rock would be an understatement’.

And today, as the dust settles from this slab of wax hitting the streets, we at The Shaman are beyond stoked to bring you the John Donovan Malley and Sandrider filmed video for the title track Enveletration. About the making of this volatile visual and aural delight, the band states…

Enveletration is our first-ever self-made video (live footage by John Donovan Malley). It involves a lot of fire, explosions, skeletons, electricity, and fog. Viewers might be shocked to know that the fire and explosions are actually special effects and not real, nor did we blow up the Earth. The subject matter doesn’t really match the lyrics, and both Jon and Jesse are greatly relieved they remembered the words to the song and that their mouths lined up with the recorded vocals. We hope you enjoy it and thank you very much for watching.’

Now click play below to watch the explosive video for the track Enveletration

More On ‘Enveletration’ & Sandrider

‘Enveletration’ is a word Sandrider vocalist/guitarist Jon Weisnewski came up with after pondering a question his friend asked him many years ago at a party: ‘Why is it always about penetration, and never about envelopment?’ It’s also the title the Seattle-based loud rock trios new studio offering that’s been released by Satanik Royalty Records.

Sandrider - Photo by John Donovan Malley
Sandrider – Photo by John Donovan Malley

With a primal combination of monstrously exultant riffs, soaring guitar solos, and catchy, triumphant choruses created by guitarist/vocalist Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Nuclear Dudes), bassist Jesse Roberts (The Ruby Doe, Kid Congo Powers, Old Iron), and drummer Nat Damm (Akimbo, Head Like A Kite, Automaton, Tight Bros From Way Back When), Sandrider sounds like the soundtrack to victory. But as evidenced by many of the lyrics on Enveletration, Sandrider’s brand of victory is a defiant one – wherein fun is an act of cathartic resistance and escape. Under the album’s layers of metaphor and amplifier feedback, you will find themes of political anger and modern malaise.

Recorded at Litho Studios in Seattle by Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Mastodon, Botch), Enveletration proves that Sandrider’s adrenaline-charged fun and unconquerable spirit is yet again a sonic refuge where you’re temporarily invincible. Across its ten tracks, the record captures the utter relief the three members of Sandrider felt when returning to the practice space for the first time after a year of early-pandemic isolation and anxiety.

Sandrider 'Enveletration'
Sandrider ‘Enveletration’ Artwork

The experience of waking their stacks of amplifiers from their dormancy, feeling the drums rattle their chests, the bass vibrate through the floor, and reveling in the indescribably euphoric return to writing music together in person is palpable. The end result is a nod to Seattle heavy-rock forefathers Soundgarden with their ‘break my rusty cage and run’ attitude, mixed with the unrelenting, stage dive-off-the-bar energy of Refused and noisy noodling of Hot Snakes.

Enveletration Tracklist:
01. Alia
02. Enveletration
03. Circles
04. Tourniquet
05. Weasel
06. Slumber
07. Proteus
08. Priest
09. Ixian
10. Grouper

Sandrider is:
Nat Damm – Drums
Jesse Roberts – Bass, Vocals
Jon Weisnewski – Guitar, Vocals

Enveletration, the new album from Seattle noise-rock merchants Sandrider, is out now via Satanik Royalty Records on gatefold vinyl and digital download.

Label: Satanik Royalty Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram