Premiere: Allfather ‘A Violent Truth’ – New Album Of Sludgy Blackened Hardcore Drops This Friday

It’s that midpoint of yet another mundane working week, so what better way to break up the monotony than pulverising your inner ears with some apocalyptic sludgy blackened hardcore. And the band to do just that is Medway’s Allfather as they prepare to unshackle their new album, A Violent Truth, which today, The Shaman is able to bring you in its filth riddled entirety.


Featuring six brutalising tracks, the official release date is this Friday, 31st March through Trepanation Recordings on compact disc, cassette, and digital download, and about the long-player, the band say, ‘We didn’t choose the times that A Violent Truth was created in, but we made this album because rage and the riff were the only weapons we had to hand. Sometimes all you can do is plug in, play loud, and speak the truth’.

Now click play below and surrender to A Violent Truth

More On Allfather & ‘A Violent Truth’

Born from desperation and forged in rage, Allfather’s forthcoming album A Violent Truth draws on forty years of heavy metal and hardcore punk to deliver their most incendiary and ambitious release to date.

Written and recorded across two years of global pandemics, increasing oppression, and the slow creep of contemporary fascism, A Violent Truth captures and distils the pent-up fear, anger, and exhaustion of living in desperate and seemingly hopeless times. It’s also the sound of four friends celebrating their love of death, sludge, thrash, and black metal, and the dopamine hit of breakdown-heavy hardcore.

Allfather 'A Violent Truth'
Allfather ‘A Violent Truth’ Artwork

A Violent Truth Tracklist:
01. Poison Soil
02. Black Lungs
03. Take Their Eyes
04. A False Peace
05. The Hunt Infernal
06. Cast Off The Cross

Allfather is:
Tom B – Vocals
ABC – Guitar
Andrew Day – Bass
Guy Smith – Drums

A Violent Truth, the latest album of sludgy blackened hardcore from Medway’s Allfather, releases this Friday, 31st March, through Trepanation Recordings and can be purchased now on compact disc, cassette, and digital download over on Bandcamp.

Label: Trepanation Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram