Premiere: Olanza ‘Accelerator’ – Self-Titled Album Drops Next Month Via Human Worth

Olanza are a new name here at Shaman HQ but as they’ve recently hooked up with the awesome Human Worth to release their Self-Titled album, you know it makes sense to take note. As for Olanza, they’re a difficult band to pin down as the Bristol based instrumental power trio are part post-rock, part noise-rock, part post-punk then throw in a splattering of 90s indie and grunge rock, you’re kinda in the right ballpark.

Olanza - Photo by Simon Holliday
Olanza – Photo by Simon Holliday

Scheduled to be unleashed next month, pre-sales for the nine-track album start on April 1st, and as with all Human Worth’s releases, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Partnership With Native Americans and the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, to help support those in crisis at this difficult time.

But before then, to give you a taster of what’s to come, we’re elated to bring you the Alex Fung, Matt Haynes, and Jonathan Minto filmed video for the opening track Accelerator that shows the three musicians in an intimate live setting. Now click play below and be accelerated into the riff-filled world of Olanza

More On Olanza And Self-Titled

Human Worth are super proud to present the intoxicating new album from Bristol trio Olanza, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity.

As an instrumental three-piece Olanza have long explored the interplay between loud winding guitar work and heavy technical drum rhythms. In recent times Aron Ward (Repoman, Harpoon) and Shaun Sepr (Five Knuckle, Fuk) have been joined by Annie Gardiner (The Hysterical Injury) on bass, taking the intricate post-rock of Polvo into the weightier region of Harvey Milk or Lungfish.

Olanza 'Olanza'
Olanza ‘Olanza’ Artwork

Their Self-Titled new album was recorded with Wayne Adams (Bear Bites Horse) at Giant Wafer and will be available to pre-order from 1st April as a stunning limited edition clear vinyl with a portion of proceeds donated to charity, to help support those in crisis.

Olanza 'Olanza' Vinyl
Olanza ‘Olanza’ Vinyl

Olanza Tracklisting:
01. Accelerator
02. Boko Maru
03. Descent
04. Sun Melter
05. Lone Watie
06. Navarone
07. Joust
08. Constant
09. Shitbird

Olanza is:
Annie Gardiner – Bass
Aron Ward – Guitar
Shaun Sepr – Drums

Album Credits:
Written & Performed by Olanza
Recorded by Wayne Adams at Giant Wafer
Mastered by Stephen Kerrison at Tall Trees Audio Mastering

Video Credits:
Video by Alex Fung
Shot by Alex Fung, Matt Haynes, and Jonathan Minto

Pre-sales of the glorious clear vinyl for Olanza and their Self-Titled album start April 1st, that’s one week tomorrow, and will be available over on Human Worths bandcamp, now mark the date in your diary!

Label: Human Worth
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram