Premiere: Howling Giant ‘Luring Alluring Rings’ – New EP ‘Alteration’ Drops 4/20

Earlier today we brought you the traditional Americana folk of Angela Autumn, now its time to reach for the cosmos with stoner and prog metal warriors Howling Giant. Taken from their up and coming EP Alteration, that’s set to be released on the highest of high days 4/20, today we can bring you the first cut, the near seven minute cosmic journey of fire and fury that is Luring Alluring Rings.

Howling Giant

Born out of live jams on Twitch, the band comments… ‘The inspiration for this song came from our Halloween stream where one of the Twitch chat participants suggested the title Luring Alluring Rings. We kept this one the most true to ‘jam-form’ with a few tweaks to leave a little more room for Marshall [Bolton – keys and synths] to explore the space. With this being Marshall’s first release with the band, we wanted to showcase what he’s been working on since the start of the pandemic.’

Are you ready? Now click play below, and pre-orders to coincide with Bandcamp Friday are available from today, 2nd April, over on Howling Giant‘s Bandcamp page, well where else.

More On Howling Giant & ‘Alteration’ EP

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Howling Giant blast forth a cosmic convergence of pulpy sci-fi themes and blistering psych-metal. Across a variety of recorded and live experiences since 2014, the band harnesses heavily nuanced progressive riff-rock complemented by otherworldly storytelling and the enduring message that the universe in which we live could stand to loosen up. Risk is their purpose. The universe is their playground.

Now following a successful series of live streams, psychedelic metal specialists Howling Giant have decided to please the fans by delivering a brand new EP entitled Alteration, to be released through Bandcamp on April 20th, 2021.

Howling Giant

Bringing together their masterful psych-prog songcraft and sci-fi imagery to create an epic and awe-inspiring sound all of their own, Howling Giant have become an essential act of the forward-thinking heavy rock scene, and the indefinite world hiatus and global pandemic won’t certainly prevent them from moving onward and upward.

This new 20-minute instrumental EP Alteration comes as a result of lockdown and post-pandemic streams on Twitch with Howling Giant fans, whose growing demand for a follow-up to their widely acclaimed Turned To Stoned Chapter 2 split EP with Sergeant Thunderhoof (Ripple Music) and 2019 concept album The Space Between Worlds, needed to be fulfilled. The band will also host a live stream to celebrate the release on 4/20, with more details to be announced soon.

Howling Giant 'Alteration'

Says drummer Zach Wheeler‘We started streaming on Twitch as a way to scratch the ‘live show’ itch while we anxiously awaited the return of shows and touring. Our streams cover everything from cooking with Tom and Zach to Dungeons & Dragons sessions, as well as solo instrumental streams and our full band show every Saturday. During the full band shows we ask the viewers to call out song names and we write instrumental jams on the spot to match the song title.’

Zach continues about the EP… ‘After going back and reviewing some of these jams, we decided it would be fun to actually record some of them in a more professional setting. Aside from working on this instrumental 4/20 release, we’ve been deep in the writing process for our next full-length record, which will also draw influence from some of our Twitch jams. Named by the people, for the people, and improvised live each week, this is our tribute to our fans, friends, and family that have kept us afloat as we’ve all endured lockdown.’

Alteration Tracklisting:
01. Understudy
02. Luring Alluring Rings
03. Enemy of My Anemone
04. Farmer Maggot’s Crop (feat. Mike T. Kerr)

Howling Giant are:
Tom Polzine – Guitar & Vocals
Zach Wheeler – Drums & Vocals
Sebastian Baltes – Bass & Vocals
Marshall Bolton – Keys & Synths

Howling Giant‘s latest EP Alteration releases on 4/20, pre-orders start today, 2nd April over on Bandcamp.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram