Premiere: Garden Of Worm ‘Heart’s Waste’ – Taken From New Album ‘Endless Garden’

After a seven-year itch, and a line-up change for Finland’s Garden Of Worm since the release of their sophomore album Idle Stones on their homelands Svart Records, the doomy prog and folk trio return, this time hooking up with Pariah Child (CD) and Nasoni Records (vinyl) are set to release their third album Endless Garden on the 18th July.

Garden Of Worm
Garden Of Worm

And today, a week before its official release date, The Shaman is honoured to bring you the second single from this captivating album with the track Heart’s Waste, which sees the band over its four and a half minutes walking a spiritual folk, prog, and doom landscape.

So what are you waiting for, don’t leave your heart to waste, and click play below…

More On Garden Of Worm & ‘Endless Garden’

Has it really been seven barren years since the Idle Stones LP was revealed? Really? Granted, there were a couple of stirring singles in the intervening spell such as that special split appearance with The Wandering Midget on the Pariah Child imprint. Still, a long time has passed. But the wait was not in vain, no, because this third full-length album, Endless Garden witnesses our Finnish trio in full bloom.

Garden Of Worm 'Endless Garden'
Garden Of Worm ‘Endless Garden’ Artwork

The sound both organic and punchy. These songs brimming with life. Collectively, they feel like a breezy spring day with proggy folk hues shimmering in the sunlight and a gentle fragrance of melancholy lingering in the air. Distilled in old oak barrels, they have fermented long beyond humble doomed beginnings yet retained that unmistakably personal character we cherish. This is a culmination of their craft, and truly irresistible at that. Drink deep the heady ambience. It will intoxicate again and again.

Endless Garden Tracklist:
01. Hands Up You’re Free
02. Name Of Lost Love
03. The Flood
04. White Ship
05. Autumn Song
06. Hearts Waste
07. Sleepy Trees
08. In The Absence Of Memory

Garden Of Worm is:
Sami Harju – Vocals, Bass
Erno Taipale – Guitar, Drums
Antti Korpinen – Guitar

Endless Garden, the new eight-track album of dreamy folk, prog, and doom by Garden Of Worm, releases 18th July through Pariah Child on compact disc and Nasoni Records on vinyl.

Label: Pariah Child Records | Nasoni Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp