Review: Timeworn ‘Leave The Soul For Now’

A stark contrast develops outside my window during the annual descent into prolonged darkness which is the winter solstice. Blistering wind and ice have gathered to pair with a soft stillness in the December air. The environment is both brutal and delicately serene at the same time. Observing this backdrop it seems serendipitous that Oslo rockers, Timeworn, have gifted their latest release Leave The Soul For Now (Loyal Blood Records) as 2019 winds to an end. 

Timeworn ‘Leave The Soul For Now’

Leave The Soul For Now is the third album from the group, following up on Luminescent Wake (2014, Disiplin Media) and Venomous High (2017, Fysisk Format). Timeworn themselves describe the most recent addition to their catalogue as ‘...expanding furthermore on their already majestic sound’ with ‘…a deep affinity to the heritage of all things heavy but also incorporating intricate melodies.’ They go on to state the album showcases, ‘…an ever-expanding band who is never afraid of pushing the boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.’ Being new to the band, it is difficult for me to know where Timeworn has been stylistically. That being said, whatever course they veered onto with Leave The Soul For Now works. If this was indeed an exploration then the results are well worth the work. 

Lead parts soar over a heavy rhythm only to crash into the opening verse like a fierce hammer’s stroke to an anvil…

Listening to riff after forceful riff, brutal is a word that quickly comes to mind. While these moments are plentiful, it’s the dynamic contrast Timeworn creates within the tracks that stand out. Upon hitting play this is evident in the introductory song Sky Castles. Lead parts soar over a heavy rhythm only to crash into the opening verse like a fierce hammer’s stroke to an anvil. Time and time again this interplay between heavy aggression and melodic touch arises. Whether it’s on Oblivion Seekers, Paradise Crown, or Visceral Reality this is where Timeworn is at their musical best. 

Comprised of eight tracks, fifty-five and a half minutes Leave The Soul For Now is not the type of album you can casually pan through and feel like you have done it any justice. With every listen of the album in its entirety, I noticed neatly stashed away gems in each subsequent session. I guess that’s really what matters when getting a new album isn’t it? Is it good and worth my time? Will I ever care enough to listen to it again? Regarding Timeworn’s work for the end of the decade, the answer to the above questions is yes.

Label: Loyal Blood Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Scott Anderson