Review: Temple ‘Funeral Planet’

Ever wonder what the end of the world might sound like? Well, that’s what I believe Swedish ‘supergroup’ Temple have set out to portray in their debut full-length release, Funeral Planet. Opening with the track, Sea Of Grief, it’s clear that this band know exactly what they’re doing and are going to execute it with style.

Temple 'Funeral Planet'

From the very first bar of fuzzy doom, the listener is whipped up and brought on a slow and crushing journey across the stars. As we orbit, below, a planet slowly decays, turning black beneath the sheer weight of melancholy tone and vivid despondency.

While one is ascending, vocalist, Otto Molin, begins an eulogy with a range that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Electric Wizard, Windhand or even Alice In Chains record – clean, intense, but most of all, compelling – listen and despair as he creates an atmosphere that captures all aspects of dread and death to our lifeblood.

No classic doom record would be complete with a hard hitting, groove filled rhythm section powering the engine room and this is accomplished nicely here by bassist, Erik Bergqvist and drummer, Marcus Ström. Together, they provide an energy that allows all other aspects of this record breathe and more importantly… soar. Tracks, Magma, Whipped, Changes and Drain demonstrate their raw power, catchy vocal hooks and tidy guitar leads, which bring us to this record’s big finale, Funeral Planet

wah drenched interludes and killer vocals drag us back to total darkness and decay…

Here, both Molin and Jimmy Hedlund’s guitars crush the sound of singing birds to deliver a planetary rebirth, which is captured elegantly in the artworks’ use of imagery and colour. Listeners are sent spiralling back earthbound, however, before a cosmic rebirth is fully achieved, wah drenched interludes and killer vocals drag us back to total darkness and decay.

Amidst the post-apocalyptic soundscape, a clean guitar fades out to the sound of the birds, offering a glimmer of hope that all is not lost… Temple have delivered their eulogy.

For fans of Electric Wizard, Venus Sleeps and Windhand. Funeral Planet released on 25th November and is available from Ozium Records.

Label: Ozium Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Seán O’Connor