Review: RRRags ‘Mundi’

Ripping wide open a review on RRRags is going to be biblical! In doing so, I have compiled a list of the Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll. By the end of this Lay Bare Recordings release, it will be evident whether this Belgian band followed the laws of nature or men or not, and so be it. First, Thou Shall Have No Other Rock God Before Them. The only rocks gods around that I am witnessing are three rustic dudes who could have easily tried out and joined Lynyrd Skynyrd’s new lineup. I’m almost certain their recording capabilities would have been worthy of the Muscle Shoals movement that happened back then, too.

RRRags 'Mundi' Artwork
RRRags ‘Mundi’ Artwork

The second commandment goes well with Slavic Heat. It’s out to prove RRRags are an obscure breed that sound enchanting; an estranged gypsy rock outfit out of Eastern Europe all within the first three minutes of listening. I have a soundtrack going off in my head that’s marching in the middle of a hedonistic battle in the dead of winter thanks to it. I also have Uriah Heep in mind to follow up with this afterwards.

As for the commandment though, I have in mind they wouldn’t want any part of Forbidden Rock N’ Roll Graven Images, let alone using their own for the cover of Mundi. They went with the back of an oil rigger semi-truck passing you on a freeway for the cover, not passing any sort of ignorance or judgement on one another in the limited times we have to fall in love with our ‘gypsy queen’. Hint – get off our backs if you don’t understand this about our mankind too.

It’s been a hot minute since I have heard any rock out of Belgium as of late. Aside from El Guapo Stunt Team putting Belgium on the map, the RRRags are now out on the loose with stunt doubles, lest I do forget. What in God’s name this is all about, only the 3rd Rock and Roll Commandment truly knows.

Commandments were meant to be broken, and on Final Word the band dabbles in psychedelic effects more so than not. Forth commandment, Remember Sabbath Sunday makes me skip down to the more down-tempo songs where Visitors awaits. Thank any rock bible for creating the tritone.

three rustic dudes who could have easily tried out and joined Lynyrd Skynyrd’s new lineup…

Skipping ahead halfway through the Ten Rock Commandments, I reach the 8th Commandment. It’s dire to attest rock ‘n’ roll bands stealing from one another. It’s been happening since Chuck Berry stole from Bo Diddley who nearly invented it. Will petty theft ever stop? Probably not. But Galactic Strut has some originality with the tweaks of the various guitar pedals making it almost impossible to ever re-produce the song again.

The second-to-last Commandment recalls the peace that has been broken with thy own neighbors, and more on a personal level. The only way to fight fire with fire is to crank this trippy spaced-out groove with bongos the hell up while engaging in my rockaholism without a care in this world. Just like they do with their own addictions that I’ll never personally condone. It’s time to come to terms with neighbors like these who will be respectful to the world around them when it’s a cold day in hell. Just ignore them with loud Belgium-brewed music as a friendly, haunting psychotic reminder.

The last and final Rock and Roll Commandment here on ole The Sleeping Shaman goes for every band I listen to and review. Remain ‘Heavier Than Thou’ goes without saying. It’s affirmative that Mundi is incapable of breaking it.

Label: Lay Bare Recordings
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Scribed by: Spring ‘The Strutter’ Chase