Rorcal ‘Világvége’ CD/LP/DD 2014

Rorcal 'Világvége'Világvége’ is a word that signifies the end of the world and on this album Rorcal make a successful effort to bring it about with their music.

Ominous, slow drums signal the beginning. Slowly a blackened soundscape unfolds, hissing noise washes over deep drones and tension builds. When it has built to breaking point it all erupts, and the first full song sets in.

The vocals are bleak screams, the riffs are utterly crushing and heavy and the overall feeling is one of hopelessness. In my mind a vision of a sun turning black and slowly swelling is formed. The song itself comes in waves of desolate droning guitars and pounding drums, subsiding every now and then to make way for the sub layer of malicious hissing that is ever present.

Slowly, but inevitably all hope dies on this track. And when it has died, the black sun above erupts violently and the next track starts off with blast beats and an overall black metal feeling. The solar flares are raging and flaying the earth, yet no heat is to be found here. Dissonant guitars and psychotic drumming are the audial representation of gigantic black flames, making the Earth a place devoid of life and joy.

The next track sees the remnants of the human race bound in chains and feebly struggling to cling on to the life they loved so much. All the while, the black sun keeps swelling and growing in the sky, transforming into an enormous, all devouring maelstrom. The surface of our planet starts to get stripped of our creations, the rubble of buildings fly up to the hungry mouth of the cosmic horror above. Then suddenly, out of the darkness comes a bright light! Choirs of angels descend to Earth and those of us still alive regain hope of salvation.

Alas, the next track reveals these angels for what they are, the executioners of God, and the butchers of men. At first people try to run, but very quickly they rejoice in the coming death at the hands of the beings.

Now, the Earth free of the ravenous plague called humanity begins to crack and large chunks of the Earth`s crust fly into the maelstrom. Parts of the molten core of this once peaceful planet leak out into space, as if Earth itself is bleeding dry.

Only this song remains before the apotheosis. We see Earth devoured completely and the sun rapidly expanding, violently glowing. The blackness makes way for a blinding white and solar storms rage and tear up the other planets in the system. The rate of growth increases tremendously and soon no planet is left, the hunger of the sun is ever raging as it starts to eat its self.

And here then is the end. The radiant sun, bringer of this grandiose cosmic death collapses on itself and in a blinding flash goes supernova, ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time.

Rorcal could be the bastard child of Nihill and Neurosis and are a band people into any kind of extreme music need to check out.

Label: Bleak Recs | Cal Of Ror Recs | Lost Pilgrim Recs | Hellthrasher Productions | Wooaaargh Recs
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Kevin Kentie