Outburst ‘100 Tonnes Of Stone’ CDEP 2005

Outburst '100 Tonnes Of Stone' CDEP 2005‘100 Tonnes of Stone’ is the latest self financed release from Leicester’s Outburst who dish out some pretty dirty, riff driven Stoner Rock. This 6 track demo kicks off proceedings with a groovy little instrumental ‘S-9000’ which is full of thick guitar riffs & at just under a minute long, I guess it can be classed as more of an intro for things to come and it certainly had the desired effect by giving me that ‘Jeez I wanna hear more of this band’ feeling.

The 2nd track ‘Pitchburner’ slows things down a little with it’s awesome opening riff that just oozes that ‘Groove’ thang, coupled with cymbal heavy percussion we soon get a taste of Taylor’s vocals which fall, I’d say for comparisons sake, somewhere between Clutch and Alabama Thunder Pussy, clean but with a raw edge giving quite an American feel. As you soak up the rest of the disc, things carry on in much the same mould; big, fat and dirty guitar riffs, gelled together nicely with the solid bass lines/percussion & before you know it, you’ll find yourself nodding your head/tapping your foot in approval. That said, you can’t help thinking the vocals lines need a little more thought, don’t get me wrong, there not bad, in fact when it works, it works really well, like at the start of ‘Long Sleep’ which fit the music and feel of the band like a glove but then out of the blue, they seem to lose the path they were once treading, feeling very over powering and somewhat lost. This could of course be down to the mix, as with every unsigned (and sometimes signed!) band, your working on a tight budget which means the inevitable compromise has to be made when studio time is running low & the clock is ticking, which could very well be the case here.

All in all, I did enjoy this self financed release, it’s maybe not as polished as some releases out there but then you do have to remember that this band are still at the ‘demo’ stage, presentation wise, there’s obviously some thought gone into this side of things with a bright orange/black inlay presented in a jewel case rather than a plastic wallet so for the few quid it’ll cost ya it’s certainly worthy of a place in your collection.

Label: Self Released
Website: www.myspace.com/outburstrock

Scribed by: Lee Edwards