Review: Matthew Mast ‘Of All The Endings’

Matthew Mast introduces his new record, Of All The Endings via VASP Legacy (Releases October 23rd) with ‘Lost’ an apocalyptic doom of a song which successfully sets the scene for an album full of drama, ethereal and wanting. First impressions are that Matthew’s voice reminded me of Dave Gahan during Depeche Mode’s darker moments.

Matthew Mast 'Of All The Endings'

Two albums released previously were Songs From The Stolen Dirt (2015) and The Maker (2019) plus he was also involved with band, Such Hounds. However very little information regarding who played what is available and little on Matthew’s musical background online unfortunately, so we may have to enquire further and ask for an interview with the man himself.

Of course this may be on purpose and he may prefer being a man with a very low profile. Low being the operative word of this album’s mood. Self longing, self doubt, gloom, crushing melancholy are all in the mix here. Some may see this as a negative thing, but not this write, if managed convincingly and performed with honest intention, which he does extremely well.

Matthew’s intention to take us on a sonically bleak journey is well achieved. Similar in style, and sitting smack bang in the middle between I Like Trains album Elegies To Lessons Learnt (2007) plus Blood & Time At The Foot Of The Garden (2003) is where this Matthew Mast‘s new release resides in terms of mood, however the music is bigger, huge in fact at moments.

tunes drenched in reverb, Brooklyn based Matthew Mast has achieved a wonderfully balanced record…

Standouts Born Again and Stay Awake for me is where it’s at and Matthew could achieve greater success if he continues down this line of attack in my opinion. Dynamic and powerful songs delivered here, driven by a vocal also reminiscent of the great Craig Lorentson from Scottish post punk band Lowlife. Infectious and hypnotic layered guitar of which Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins would be more than satisfied, features strongly in the mix also.

With nods to eighties goth (Death In June) and tunes drenched in reverb, Brooklyn based Matthew Mast has achieved a wonderfully balanced record which aurally displays his own feelings when he says ‘The struggle between the confidence that is required to put out music and the self doubt that it is worth a damn’ . In my mind it convinced me this is more than worth a damn and most of all it deserves you, the reader, your full attention.

Ten tracks of dark, melodic rock music Robert Smith would be more than happy to release and could sit easily on alternative college radio, which is where I would put my efforts into promoting this record.

Label: VASP Legacy
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Tim Keppie