Green Sky ‘Remote World’ CDEP 2009

Green Sky 'Remote World' CDEP 2009They must be putting something in the water in Miami, Florida (aside from Alligators, that is) that helps to produce the plethora of heavy bands from the area. Following on from the fuzzed-up monstrousness of Shroud Eater, here we have ANOTHER Miami-based bunch of down-tuned reprobates in the shape of Green Sky. However, where Shroud Eater are in the darker spectrum of the sludge/doom realm, Green Sky have more in common with fellow Floridians Floor and Torche – in fact, Torche’s Jonathan Nunez produced the 2 tracks that make up this ‘taster’ demo for their forthcoming 6 track EP.

Two tracks isn’t much to go on, but based on ‘Remote World’ and ‘A New Vision’, Green Sky are a bit of an anomaly for a self-confessed sludge band. As I said earlier, their closest relative in the sludge scene would be Torche, but they also have more than a touch of Nirvana and even hints of Weezer and Foo Fighters in their darker, heavier moments, oddly. It could just be me reading that into their melodic yet sludgy songs, but the vocal lines are a little reminiscent of a cross between Steve Brooks of Floor/Torche and Dave Grohl, and occasional guitar melodies definitely have a ring of Weezer to them. I’m also reminded at times of long defunct and much missed, by me, Californian grunge fuzz-pups Smile.

Main-man guitarist/vocalist Pedro Ortiz DOES let rip in a more aggressive style toward the end of ‘A New Vision’, over soaring guitar harmonies, and he sounds a little like Aaron Turner from back in the ‘Celestial’ days – in fact in their Myspace blog he lists ‘Celestial’ as one of his Top 5 sludge records, along with records by Floor, Torche, Pelican and 5ive – which is certainly not a bad thing at all!

I guess the most frustrating thing about this ‘taster’ EP is also its greatest strength – it leaves the listener wanting MORE. I for one will be keeping a close eye on these guys and eagerly awaiting the upcoming EP. If they manage to up their game another notch, Green Sky could be real contenders for the big league.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Paul Robertson