Firelord ‘The Burning’ Digital EP 2011

Firelord 'The Burning' Digital EP 2011Hailing from Turin in Italy, the awesomely named Firelord have come to claim their place in the annals of Stoner/Doom history. Having settled on a stable line up last year consisting of Dario Giuva on Bass, Drummer Giulio Buscaglione and Mario E. Bussini handling Vocals and Guitar, this power trio have taken the blueprint laid down by Sabbath in the 70’s and evolved by bands such as Saint Vitus in the 80’s and added their own touch of swagger.

Let’s be clear from the off, this is not some clever twist, this is not reinventing the wheel, this is down and dirty blues rock put through the blender and spat out as five tracks of pure stoner rock.

Opener ‘Time For Vengeance’ gets you straight into the groove with no messing around, this is a hardcore blues stoner boogie, that feels loose yet controlled as Bussini delivers a very decent vocal.

‘Crazy Little Witch’ comes straight in behind it like the bastard offspring of Black Sabbath with Motorhead’s Lemmy on vocals before ‘Riding With The Devil’ brings focus to the nod.

‘Conquest Vision’ picks the groove back up providing the kind of fist pumping drinking soundtrack that bands like Orange Goblin have been honing for years, before the final track, a cover of Earthride’s ‘Fighting Devils Inside Of You’ can be defined simply by the notes I made whilst listening – Simple. Kick Ass. Not having heard the original I can’t tell if they did it justice, but I loved it anyway!

‘The Burning’ EP won’t challenge you, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but if you’re looking for some new music to throw back a beer and burn a fat one to, this enjoyable soundtrack maybe just what you’re looking for.

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Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Mark Hunt-Bryden