Domo – S/T – CD 2010

Domo - S/T - CD 2010Alicante’s Domo released this album in August of last year and yet The Shaman only recently had the opportunity to cast his smoke cloaked eye over this incredible release. Yes people, you need to wake up to the extraordinary talents of this band, the music is infused with a tale telling of a journey to over 35 years ago when bands still wore flares, wore their hair long, and regular idiots didn’t know if they were looking at a boy or a girl. Not only have Domo managed to time travel back but have returned with the jive, the hook, the groove to ready steady freak to oil projectors and incense.

There are so many bands who try incredibly hard to recapture the past, to imagine themselves back in the day when the world seemed to hold a lot more colour for them and the drugs weren’t so processed. In some way they have all failed until this release. When I first heard this album, the first immediate association I made to bands back then was Nectar, for me at least I found a lot of similarities between this album and “Tab in the Ocean”. Okay so it may be slightly more upbeat than the aforementioned album but you get the idea, perhaps slightly more obscure would be Electric Sandwich.

The vocals don’t clutter this release, which is in part a shame, but perhaps that’s just me limiting my perception for the greater scheme. Guitar work is the defining medium on this record, equal to the late Gary Moore, the lead breaks invite you to sway to the majestic finger fret work of Sam their guitarist. There are also other useful guitar guide references for our very discerning readership, if you are a fan of the Groundhogs “Split” album then this surely has to be a must for you. Screaming wah wah work crawls from the entrails of Tony McPhees extended belly.

Formed and progressive, this is a young band that has already shown such maturity. So don’t waist your time kids with the bands that say they are all about the retro and instead spend your hard earned cash on picking this perfectly formed album up. Pity there doesn’t seem to be any prospect of their being a vinyl version of the album. It doesn’t belong on CD it belongs in the vinyl curves of your mind man!!!

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Pete Hamilton-Giles