Demilich ’20th Anniversary Of Emptiness’ CD/LP 2014

Demilich '20th Anniversary Of Emptiness'For many years they have been scorned and misunderstood by a large section of the death metal crowd, mostly because that section was too brainless to understand the genius of Demilich‘s technical and pitch black death metal.

Perhaps things will change now, with the release of a fantastic box set containing every note these guys have ever recorded. Svart Records has taken great care to make something special of this release. First, all original unmastered studio tapes were sent to Perkele Studio and given a proper remoter. I have to say this sounds great. The sound is heavy and dark, but clear enough for the intricate riffing to be fully appreciated. Especially the demo’s which have turned out really good! Secondly, an extensive booklet is included complete with a very lengthy interview, all lyrics, liner notes, reviews, interviews, old flyers and pictures, the whole nine yards.

The glorious ‘Nespithe’ LP comes with its original cover, the demo compilations (‘Regurgitation Of Blood’, ‘The Four Instructive Tales …Of Decomposition’, ‘The Echo’ & ‘…Somewhere Inside The Bowels Of Endlessness…’) have new artwork done by Davis Mikkelsen and Johnny Maddox, while the box itself is adorned with the art of Turkka Rantanen. If you are not familiar with Demilich‘s work this is the ultimate introduction, if you are already a fan, this is a must have as it is a better sounding version of everything they have ever done.

As for the music, Demilich have always prided themselves in being “techno death” meaning technical, not techno as in dance. A bit comparable to Pestilence, with the filth of Autopsy added to the mix. Perhaps Cryptopsy is somewhat comparable, as is Morbid Angel in their more technical endeavors.

Despite being technical, the band have always managed to spread a truly dark atmosphere, a nightmarish dreamscape from which there is no escape. In this aspect I am reminded of Portal, a bit less chaotic, but quite similar in feeling. Listening back to these tracks, it is unimaginable that these guys never became more known in the scene back in the nineties. Demilich are operating in a league of their own, an esoteric take on death metal which is seldom heard. It is simply a must for every self-respecting death metal lover to own this box set, or any release of Demilich for that matter.

I could go on about the greatness of the demo’s and the brilliance of the ‘Nespithe’ album but fact of the matter is you just have to get this!

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook

Scribed by: Kevin Kentie