Crawe ‘Doomed To Fail’ Demo 2008

Crawe 'Doomed To Fail' Demo 2008The doom/sludge/heavy shit scene appears to be going through an unprecedented time at the moment with the amount of bands out there playing the aforementioned styles, and here is another recent addition to the fold in the shape of Crawe from Huddersfield.

From the slow and unsettling starting riff of opener ‘Doomed to Fail’ the atmosphere is established for what follows. This demo contains three tracks of slow, pounding and nasty sludgy bile, thick with distortion and bad vibes. Also a nice touch is the guitars buzzing and vibrating with feedback squealing through adding to the overall raw and feral sound. Add to this, screaming misanthrope vocals and you have yourself a promising demonstration of what these lads are capable of.

I believe they are going to be featured on an up coming 12″ project which will be worth checking out. Plus I’m looking forward to seeing them at the upcoming Grimdependance Day in Leeds, should be a good’un.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Mark Burns