Carousel ‘Jeweler’s Daughter’ CD/LP 2013

Carousel 'Jeweler’s Daughter'Way back in 1983, when I was but a child and just embarking on my journey into heavier sounds, Motorhead did the unthinkable and employed former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson to join the band. Eyebrows were raised as I recall and the resulting album, “Another Perfect Day” was not a critical success on its release. I, on the other hand, loved it and the passage of time has proved its worth. What does this all have to do with this new offering from Carousel? Well, if ever there was a band that has managed to blend the sheer bloody minded bombast of Motorhead with the melodic sensibility and twin guitar approach of Thin Lizzy it has to be Carousel.

I have to admit I’d never even heard of these guys prior to this release and almost overlooked it when the album came up for review, it sailed under my radar without a second glance. Even after agreeing to review it I pressed play with the minimum of enthusiasm I could muster prepared fully for this to fade into the background. Oh silly me. Immediately as the title track kicked in my ears pricked up…I literally turned to look at my iPod dock that I was playing it on…quite what this act was supposed to do I don’t know, I could only see the iPod but the sounds emanating from it threw tendrils round my head and clasped me to her bosom refusing to let go, and to think I nearly passed on this!!!

Hairy Pittsburgh rockers Carousel aren’t doing anything new…and that is exactly why they’re damn near perfect. This is as fine a metallic blast of hard rock and roll as I’ve heard in many a year. The opening track is catchier than crabs at a fresher’s party with is harmonised twin guitar hook and killer strutting vocals. “Crippler” throws in a touch of Foghat boogie for good measure and “On My Way” nails that amphetamine blast that Philthy Taylor had when driving classic Motorhead from the back of the stage. Over the course of the nine tracks on offer here Carousel neatly sidesteps any lame genre classifications and hit straight up hard rock smack in the chops. This is like Rival Sons on cheaper and better drugs with some old Iron Maiden vinyls under one arm. This is Mountain after liposuction and a crate of Red Bull. This is without a doubt one of the best albums of 2013…and this isn’t a reviewer’s opinion, this is cold, hard, calculated fact!!!

Is this just empty hyperbole? Look into my eyes, I ain’t joking brother, you need to hear this album. It may not change your life, they may not become your all time favourite band but for half an hour or so your world will become that bit better! Oh, and on a sunny day with this cranked in the car with the windows down suddenly you’re driving a pristine black Cadillac and you look like Johnny Depp…try it!!!

Label: Tee Pee Records
Website: Facebook

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall