Buried Inside ‘Chronoclast’ CD 2005

Buried Inside 'Chronoclast' CD 2005I was fortunate enough to witness Canada’s Buried Inside’s blistering live performance when they toured the UK a few weeks back, which is where I picked up this, their second album ‘Chronoclast’ released on the seminal label Relapse Records and man, what a release it is!

The whole album is based around the ideology of time and how we, as a human race are slaves to its authority as it dictates the lives & paths we lead, so I guess you could say in a way, this is a concept album as there’s obviously a lot of thought and intelligence gone into making this outstanding record. The album begins with a serene intro, simply entitled ‘Introduction’ of subtle guitar and sequences which builds & builds turning into a somewhat ‘My Dying Bride’ feel with its heavy & mournful guitar sound. This then flows seamlessly into the second track ‘Time As Ideology’ which hits you slap bang in the face with it’s ferocious hardcore attack, full of grinding guitar, drums and manic screams, sounding not too unlike Converge, while mixing the crushing heaviness from the likes of Neurosis/Isis.

I should mention at this point, the whole album was written as one piece of music, as each track flows effortlessly into the next, you become compelled with the feel & passion that’s gone into this music and even though they repeat certain riffs which appeared on previous tracks, this helps give you an even tighter grip of the whole ideologies behind the album. The sound Buried Inside have managed to create is awesome, as one moment your being crushed with a manic ‘in ya face’ Hardcore influenced assault, before it drifts off into a more mellow and peaceful arena with some beautiful & emotional soundcapes before being hit once more with their sheer doomed out heaviness. I suppose the most obvious comparison to make would be ‘Souls at Zero’ era Neurosis and even Isis/Cult of Luna to a degree, but Buried Inside have manage to capture their own sound with a few unexpected twists and an amazing juxtaposition of heaviness verses tranquillity.

The only downside to ‘Chronoclast’ is it seems so short, which isn’t really the case as, although not the longest release out there, at 40 mins, it’s not exactly over in a blink of an eye, so I think this has more to do with they way they manage to suck you in with their alluring nature. So overall, I can’t really say a bad thing about this release, the music is awe inspiring, the sound is crisp, clear & precise with Matt Bayles at the desk and the accompanying linear notes give an explanation behind the meaning of each track, so nothing more can be said except go out and buy, you won’t be disappointed!

Label: Relapse Records
Website: www.myspace.com/buriedinside

Scribed by: Lee Edwards