Grifter ‘The High Unholy Mighty Rollin’ CDEP 2008

Grifter 'The High Unholy Mighty Rollin' CDEP 2008Like that day old taste of sour mash, that tinnitus from blasting AC/DC and Clutch out of your car stereo or the hot humid Southern air that seems to increase Earth’s gravitational pull. This band couldn’t be more blue collar, Southern state rock n roll if they tried, and they’re definitely Southern. Hailing from the deep South of Plymouth, UK. This EP borrows heavily from the likes of Clutch and Alabama Thunderpussy, it shakes it’s ass, knocks back the Crown Royal and sweats all over you before you saw it coming.

However I can’t stop thinking, ‘does it matter if a band sounding this outwardly American actually come from the UK?’ I don’t know, but that’s probably a debate for the forum. One thing’s for sure, I bet this band are kickass live and y’know we’d all be jamming it out and clinking beer bottles at the back. Overall the EP is rounded out nicely and keeps its momentum over the course of its 5 tracks with a variation of bluesy licks and engine block rock. The vocals can be a bit shaky at times but I guess that’s all part of the course. If you enjoy the boogie as much as the brew then these tunes are tailor made just for you.

Oh, and I’m sure the band will want me strung up for this, but that’s a blatant Status Quo riff 35 seconds into ‘Prick’, and for that I salute you.

Label: Fury 76 Records

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan