World In Sound Offer Free 72 Minute Label Sampler ‘Voyage Through The Ages’

World In Sound 'Voyage Thru The Ages' Artwork

World In Sound invites you to a trip in time from 1969 till today with 13 international heavy psychedelic artists from the World In Sound catalogue.

Now stream this timeless and mind-blowing 72 minute piece of music below which can also be downloaded for FREE from the labels Soundcloud page HERE.

 ‘Voyage Through The Ages’ Tacklisting:

The Rising Sun Experience – Countries Off… (POR 2014)
The Lone Crows – Can’t Go Home Again (US 2013)
CK Srong – Stormbird (US 1969)
Prisma Circus – John Doe’s Paranoia (ESP 2014)
Postures – Falling Into Place (SWE 2013)
Cosmic Dealer – Society (NL 1973)
Headstone – Peace of Mind (US 1974)
Orcus Chylde – Valley Of Thorns (GER 2012)
Buddha Sentenza – Monkey Stealing The Peaches (GER 2013)
Doctor Cyclops – Cobweb Hands (IT 2014)
Mystic Siva – Supernatural Mind (US 1970)
Phantasia – Genena (US 1971)
Obskuria – March Of The Twisted (GER 2008)