Major Kong ‘Doom Machine’ DD 2014

Major Kong 'Doom Machine'I was very happy to find out that these Poles are still at it delivering dirty and raw sounding stoner. This is a DIY band in a nutshell and they keep composing, recording and playing live without a record company backing them up. Strongly done for sure. I was impressed with their 2012 full length album ‘Doom For The Black Sun’ which has been played many times in my damp cave where I worship all that is heavy, filthy and slow.

The only vocals found on Major Kong‘s recordings are samples from movies and as such it’s instrumental stoner that is delivered here and that’s an enormous plus for me as I’m a huge fan of instrumental music in general and always have been. I got so happy when I stumbled over these guys a couple of years ago, I can remember it so clearly, a great sounding, original no bullshit riffs, instrumental entity was finally discovered and hitting my earlobes hard.

I don’t understand why no record company have snapped these guys up yet but I think they definitely deserve it. I guess it’s easy to ‘not give a crap’ and just make great music instead of trying to hunt down a record deal and just do everything yourself. They have been around since 2010, first under the name Fifty Foot Woman but then changed it to today’s Major Kong. The sound is very dirty and filthy just as it should be and the live feeling is there all the way through the whole of ‘Doom Machine’.

You’re treated to five long songs ranging from around five to ten minutes and what a treat. I know this kind of music isn’t supposed to be fun in the funny ‘haha’ sense but you can really hear these Polish guys having fun playing and that transforms in to riff driven fuzzy stoner in the higher class.

You won’t get bored and think about changing album when you turn this one on. Very original and thoroughly thought out riffs that sound like they just belong where they are, like some kind of nature’s selection in a weird way. Everything falls in to place which makes you, as a listener, not being able to sit still during the ride but why should you? Take your seat belt off and go nuts. It’s a very fitting title for an album as Major Kong is a ‘Doom Machine’, producing catchy, hazy, fuzzy, stoned out doom that will melt what’s left of your mind.

Major Kong is such a band that creates memorable songs that will make you one day just feel like I wanna hear that song from four years ago and when you find it and turn it on you won’t be disappointed, not one bit. You know exactly what you are going to hear and there it is. If mixtapes still existed, Major Kong would be on a great deal of those.

I hope to hear much more from these guys in the future and I’m pretty sure we will if nothing disastrous happens and I pray to the dark one that they will never start to fuck around with vocals. It will never make it better, no matter what the singers capability is, it just won’t work, as what Major Kong creates is speechless, so there can’t be any vocals. Simple. But maybe just one song in Polish as I’ve never heard that before, but just the one and then back to good ‘ol instrumental. There are a few good Polish doom bands around at the moment so if anyone knows if one of them made a song in Polish, contact me please.

Don’t forget to check out Major Kong‘ s Bandcamp and buy their stuff. Money well spent.

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | BigCartel

Scribed by: Johannes van der Meer