Weirdo Canyon Dispatch 2021 – Issue #3 Now Available

It’s Sunday and can you believe it, we’ve made it to the final day of Roadburn Redox already. Yesterday was again chock full of highlights and simply too many to mention here, but if pushed; Trialogos, a fascinating trio of musicians featuring Conny Ochs, then there was Solar Temple, a duo of two guitars and a drum kit brought The Great Star Above Provides from the 013. Anna Von Hausswolff’s spacey kraut collective BADA gravitated through their commissioned piece from the smoke-filled rafters and words can’t describe the truly captivating set from Steve Von Till, before rounding out the night with the free-jazz drone of Neptunian Maximalism.

Weirdo Canyon Dispatch 2021 - Sunday

As we countdown the clock to the first stream of the day to emerge, what better way to waste your time by reading Weirdo Canyon Dispatch as Issue #3 is now available to download. Featuring interviews with Wayfarer, Wolvennest, Dávid Makó aka The Devil’s Trade and Tau And The Drones Of Praise, plus another exclusive photo from the live performances at the 013, this time captured by Niels Vinck.


Before I sign out, I’d like to say a massive thank you to JJ of The Obelisk for running the show and all the contributors to this year’s Weirdo Canyon Dispatch, Walter, Becky and the crew at the 013 for redefining the online festival and of course the bands, musicians and record labels for making the weekend possible. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and let’s hope we can all meet in Tilburg for real in 2022.

If you missed anything over the weekend, all streams will be available until, I believe, midnight Tuesday (CET) so head over to to catch up. And don’t forget all past issues of Weirdo Canyon Dispatch are archived over on