TOMBSTONES: New Album ‘Red Skies And Dead Eyes’ To Drop In October Via Soulseller Records


About a year has passed since the ultra-heavy Norwegian three-piece, TOMBSTONES, unleashed their debut on Soulseller Records. Now, time has come for their follow-up, and their third studio album to date.

TOMBSTONES has been brewing on dirtier filth this time, and the new album; ‘Red Skies And Dead Eyes’ is here to tear holes in your ears and speakers. On this album more space are given each instrument, and you can feel the pulsation of each song.

Norwegian doom has never been played with weightier confidence, and the riffs and grooves penetrate your soul like a demon from ancient times.

Red Skies And Dead Eyes’ gives you 44 minutes of blackened doom, and will leave you on your knees, crushed by a thundering roar arisen from the dark Norwegian woods.

During live recording-sessions in May 2013, TOMBSTONES paired up with the best from their past. Both Petter Svee from Year Of The Burial and the US-legend, Billy Anderson from “Volume II”, are twisting the knobs on this album.

To state the obvious, the sound on this slab of doom is earth-shattering.

Tombstones 'Red Skies And Dead Eyes' Artwork

Red Skies And Dead Eyes’ track list:
1. Black Moon
2. King of Daze
3. Obstfelder
4. The Other Eye
5. Red Skies and Dead Eyes
6. Demon Cave

Artwork Courtesy of Glyn Smyth

Red Skies And Dead Eyes’ will be released worldwide on 4th October 2013 by Soulseller Records available on Limited LP, CD and Digital Download formats and you can stream the title track from the album below.