THE WARLOCKS To Release New Album ‘Skull Worship’; Stream New Track ‘Dead Generation’

The Warlocks - Photo by Leslie Kalohi

THE WARLOCKS release their first new album in 5 years, Skull Worship on 25th November 2013 via Zap Banana.

Recorded over a two year period, Skull Worship is the Los Angeles-based band’s eighth album. THE WARLOCKS construct a dense, more elaborate web of sound, layers of distortion and the occasional synth a la Silver Apples and Red Crayola. “Silver & Plastic” expands the band’s oeuvre into acoustic territory recalling T Rex. Other songs like “Endless Drops” turn to Hawkwind, Neu! and experimental rock for inspiration.

“Not everything fits perfectly on this record,” describes singer Bobby Hecksher. “There are loose parts, fragmented sections and then it rocks all together. It’s not perfectly polished like a lot of records out there. More like an expression of moments in time that drip together like a weird dream.”

Listen to the track ‘Dead Generation‘ below:

Bobby Hecksher: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Bass
JC Rees: Guitar, Feedback, Percussion
Earl V. Miller: Guitar, Drone Machine
Chris DiPino: Bass
George Serrano: Drums

Selected Discography
Rise and Fall (Bomp – 2001)
The Phoenix Album (Birdman – 2002)
Surgery (Mute – 2005)
Heavy Deavy Skull Lover (Teepee – 2007)
The Mirror Explodes (Teepee – 2009)
Rise and Fall, EP and Rarities (Zap Banana – 2010)
Skull Worship (Zap Banana – 2013)

The Warlocks 'Skull Worship' Artwork

Source: Silver PR
Photo Credit: Leslie Kalohi