The Soda Shop Records Proudly Presents: The Soda Shop Comp Vol. 3 – Free Download

The Soda Shop Comp Vol. 3

Well it’s finally here. The Soda Shop Comp Vol. 3. The latest in a series of great new music. This comp features new releases from some of the hottest bands around. As of press time, this comp also features 6 songs that are yet to be released, heard here for the first time.

Of course this comp album as well as all the other comp albums are FREE downloads.

1. The Dead Exs “Shut Up and Love Me” from Resurrection
2. The Heavy Eyes “Iron Giants” from The Heavy Eyes
3. The Grand Astoria “Enigma Satanica” from Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom 7″
4. Mothership “Elenin” from Mothership
5. Fellwoods “Fell Hand (As Fortold)” from Wulfram
6. Shock Radar “Live Like Lions” from Live Like Lions Single
7. Orcus Chylde “The Day The 7th Angel Came” from Orcus Chylde
8. The Big Wheel Stunt Show “Don’t Mind Ya” from Wonderful LIFE
9. Groan “Atomic Prophets” from The Divine Right of Kings
10. The Heavy Company “The Humboldt Country Waltz” from Midwest Electric
11. Once-ler “Open Season” from Set For Departure
12. Venomin James “Unholy Mountain” from Unholy Mountain

Now stream it below and download it at

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