Soggy Bog 99 – Featuring Seamount’s New Album ‘Earthmother’ In It’s Entirety + More

Soggy Bog

The Latest Soggy Bog Podcast, number 99, is now available for your listening pleasure and this week features the entire new album ‘Earthmother‘ By Seamount as well as new tracks by Chains, BongCauldron, Demonic Death Judge, Sea Bastard, Worship, Graveyard, The Sword, Open Tomb along with a playlist of older and newer tracks from the likes of Electric Wizard, Glowsun, Penance, Slomatics, Moss, Manilla Road, Witch Mountain, Goat, Seremonia and more plus info on how to enter the Soggy Bog Raffle to help celebrate the podcast reaching it’s 100th episode.

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