Soggy Bog 127 – NEW Blood Ceremony, Serpent Throne, Church Of Misery, Brutus! Entire Releases By Mansion, Monolith Cult, Western Ritual

Soggy Bog

It’s been a while since we made a post for Bob and the amazing Soggy Bog Podcast for which we can only apologise but the show continues to grow and the latest episode, number 127, is now available, and what a special show it is too with new tracks from Blood Ceremony, Serpent Throne, Church Of MiseryBrutus as well as entire new releases from Mansion, Monolith Cult & Western Ritual plus a play list that includes Ides Of Gemini, Doomraiser, Caronte, Pagan Altar, Satan & Witch Cross.

Head over to for the complete playlist and show notes, and you can also follow Bob over on Facebook at