SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT Now Confirmed For Desertfest 2013 Berlin

Samsara Blues Experiment

It’s time for the next instalment to Desertfest 2013 Berlin who are extremely thrilled to announce that SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT have now been confirmed.

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT is a Berlin based band founded in 2007, playing a blend of heavy psych, stoner and space bluesy rock, dominated by a playful dual guitar work, and a repetitive hypnotic touch in the tradition of krautrock. They allow the music to escape their control and lead them to wherever it may flow.

The band produced two appetizer EPs during their first years, but they reached their potential with their long awaited first full-length album “Long Distance Trip” in 2010 thanks to World in Sound Records, which also released their second one “Revelation & Mystery” in 2011. This year, in April, Electric Magic Records will release a live record of their show at Rockpalast (October 24, 2012).

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT is a very demanded live band in the meanwhile, and participate at many European festivals such as the Roadburn, Yellowstock, Burg Herzberg, and now at the DesertFest !
Get ready for a journey as you have never experimented before !

DESERFEST Berlin takes place between 25th – 27th April 2013 at the Astra KulturHaus in Berlin, weekend Passes are still available for 82.50 Eur, further info on tickets can be found at