ORANGE GOBLIN @ Sound Control, Manchester Less Than 6 Weeks Away – Tickets Still Available

Orange Goblin / Grifter / Jucifer / Bastard Of The Skies - Manchester

The ORANGE GOBLIN & GRIFTER tour kicks off in less than 6 weeks and tickets are still available when Future Noise play host to them at the Sound Control, Manchester on Weds 11th April 2012.

The night also sees the collision of 2 UK Tours as JUCIFER and BASTARD OF THE SKIES join the party to make a 4 bill line up for a night of heavy riffing and all for the measly sum of £12.

Tickets Available from:

You can also check out the official video for the track ‘Red Tide Rising‘ below and read Ollie’s review for ‘A Eulogy For The DamnedHERE.