Mancunian Psych-Piano Outfit WILDERNESS HYMNAL Prepare Debut EP; ‘Phosphor’ Streaming Now

Wilderness Hymnal - Photo by Simon Hunt

Emerging psych-prog-piano-doom project WILDERNESS HYMNAL have released Phosphor for streaming, the lead single from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Transmutation’.

Born out of the Manchester smog, WILDERNESS HYMNAL formed in 2012, when vocalist/pianist GHR Leeming began experiments seeking to combine doom, drone and psychedelia with – instead of guitars – a backbone of dark piano music.

Transmutation‘ EP is the first release to arise from these experimentations – a nearly 19-minute sonic journey through tension, rage, wonder, and psychosis. Hints arise of a bewildering array of influences – Ulver, Tori Amos, Isis, Neurosis, Oceansize, SUNN O))), even flashes of Björk, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance and Bo Hansson.

Wilderness Hymnal 'Transmutation' Artwork

Transmutation‘ Tracklisting:
1. Phosphor
2. Arc
3. Torsion

Featuring John Simm (Cleft) on drums, recorded and produced at Edge Studios, Manchester by Rory Vallely (The Construct) and mastered by the legendary James Plotkin (Khanate, Earth, SUNN O))), Phantomsmasher), Transmutation EP will be released in digital & CD formats on 21st July 2014, via Leeming’s own Black Earth Recordings.

Pre-orders are available now at the WILDERNESS HYMNAL bandcamp page HERE and the opening track Phosphor can be heard below:

Photo Credit: Simon Hunt