JEREMY IRONS & THE RATGANG MALIBUS: Full Album & Video From Psychedelic Rockers Now Playing At The Obelisk

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus

In celebration of today’s official unveiling via Small Stone Recordings, the volume peddlers at The Obelisk offer up a full stream of Spirit Knife, the newest full-length from Swedish psychedelic space rock perpetrators, JEREMY IRONS & THE RATGANG MALIBUS, alongside the official video for first single, Wind Seized.

Dubbed “a blissful mixture of Soundgarden at their grooviest and Pink Floyd, creating a terrific album of sunny day, top down, cruising music,” by Mass Movement, Spirit Knife was recorded at Puch Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, mixed by Viktor Källgren, produced by the JIRM collective and mastered by Chris Goosman (Early Man, Sasquatch, Dixie Witch, Solace et al) at Baseline Audio Labs in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Boasting an overwhelming deluge of guitar passages that rattle, roll, shimmy and soar with oceanic reverb that coil around thrumming keys and mesmerizing Motorik drums to incite cyclical hypnosis for protracted song-suites, JIRM achieves optimal tantric tension and release through sound. Envision Jeff Buckley jamming with Can, and you’ll have a fair gist of the fantastic voyage that awaits the armies of the Spirit Knife; an album that finds JIRM rekindling their time-traveling communion with vintage psychedelia and Krautrock, while expanding on the sonic palette revealed by the ensemble’s past full-lengths, Elefanta and Bloom.

Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus 'Spirit Knife' Artwork

Delve headfirst into Spirit Knife at THIS LOCATION.

Spirit Knife is released today via Small Stone Recordings, order your copy now at THIS LOCATION.

Source: Earsplit PR