Isolation Tank / Art Of Burning Water - Split - Artwork

Hot on the heels of the Beg LP, Superfi Records brings you another loud, heavy and horrible release in the form of a Split 7” featuring ISOLATION TANK and ART OF BURNING WATER which is also a split label release with Survivor Guilt & Vetala Productions.

ISOLATION TANK is a duo that make that Power Violence stuff but are head and shoulders above a lot of the generic, jokey slop being churned out at the moment. Jack and Sam actually utilise discernible, catchy riffs and lots of cool time changes that keep it interesting. Think Hatred Surge, Iron Lung and Despise You.

ART OF BURNING WATER need little introduction who continue their mission to annoy all and sundry with their slightly faster take on their usual off-kilter noise-rock with definite hardcore leanings, like a sped up Keelhaul partying with Motörhead. Three short ones from them also.

1. Isolation Tank – Binge
2. Isolation Tank – Skin Prison
3. Isolation Tank – Threads
4. Art Of Burning Water – Talking To Will Elvin About Al Kizys
5. Art Of Burning Water – Birmingham Is Not The Same Without You
6. Art Of Burning Water – No, I Won’t Still Be Loving You Tomorrow

The ISOLATION TANK / ART OF BURNING WATER split is out now, it’s limited to just 250 copies with hand stamped labels and a wraparound sleeve which is available to buy now from the Superfi Records webstore.