Iron Fist Panel Debate at Roadburn 2013: Come Join Record Collectors Anonymous

Roadburn 2013 - Iron Fist Record Collectors Anonymous


“It keeps me fit, getting up and down all day to turn over a record” Leon West, Copper Records

Record collecting is good for your health. Fact! Jack White, as ambassador for Record Store Day, said that you don’t really own an album until you earn it on vinyl. DO YOU AGREE?

On Saturday 20 April, Record Store Day, at the V39 venue at 2pm Iron Fist Magazine calls you to the first general meeting of RECORD COLLECTOR’S ANONYMOUS. This is a safe place where we can discuss the highs and lows of collecting records from the decline of the record store, to eBay wars and storing and collecting your records.

Have any tips for fellow crate rattlers? Want to confess the lengths and expense you’ve gone to to nab that holy grail of wax? Come join fellow RPMers (Record Pride Members) and debate the joys of vinyl collecting with a panel including musician and label boss Alan Averill, self-confessed vinyl junkie and journalist Robert Haagsma, Nicklas Barker of Anekdoten-fame, Clandestine Music‘s Ula GehretHead of A&R of Century Media Jens Prueter and Iron Fist editor Louise Brown and more crate rattlers.