HOT GRAVES: Prepare to Unleash ‘Knights in White Phosphorous’…IS YOU READY?

Hot Graves Promo

NHR Records is pleased to announce the coming chunk of plastic blasphemy Knights In White Phosphorus by the almighty HOT GRAVES of Florida. Due out on CD on September 20th, 2011, Knights in White Phosphorous comes hot upon the heels of the recent Desecration Time 7″ (Greyhaze Records). With an utterly brutal amalgamation of Hellhammer-smashed grimness, d-beaten thrash-crustiness, blackened croaks of the highest order, and a punk-as-fuck attitude – what’s not to worship? As the band themselves proclaim: “IS YOU READY?”

Listen to a killer new track, “Bad Blood,” on the NHR website:

Formed in Gainesville, FL in late 2007, HOT GRAVES came together to create a metal/punk hybrid that takes the best elements of filthy crust punk, d-beat madness, breakneck thrash, blackest of black metal, down-tuned doom, and creeping death metal, and grinds them down towards hell. What started as a side band (for members of By The Horns, Secrets She Kept and Thee Kvlt ov Ouroboros) took on new life as interest in the band grew exponentially, catching the attention of Darkthrone’s Fenriz, who lauded HOT GRAVES in his Band of the Week blog. The band has also earned praise from influential publications like Terrorizer, Brooklyn Vegan, and more, and it’s no wonder why. Their ravenous, bloodthirsty rituals upon the altars of Celtic Frost, Venom, Midnight, and Amebix are nothing short of merciless – as catchy as the plague, and as inescapable as an oncoming barbarian horde.

The album was produced and mixed by Carson Cox in league with HOT GRAVES, and was mastered by the legendary James Murphy (Death, Aborted, Lazarus AD) at his own Safehouse Productions studio. The wicked cover art was manifested by Charles Rouse, and graced with a devilish logo by Justin Bartlett (Gorgoroth, Sunn 0))), Watain).

Source: Catharsis PR